Cannaseur® One

Control the Humidity of Your Medicinal Marijuana

European Engineering

Designed in Germany Using Quality Materials

Solid Wood Design

Beautiful Display Piece for the Home

Humidity and Medicinal Marijuana

As Featured In

This high-end humidor is designed to keep your pot perfectly preserved, with a patented two-way air system guaranteeing optimal storage conditions.

High Times

If you’re looking to add a bit of German precision engineering to your marijuana experience, you need to check out Cannaseur One.

Cool Material

Make sure your precious buds retain their flavour and consistency for longer than normal.


Perfectly Engineered

Up to 50 Gram Capacity

Sustainably sourced wood

What sets us apart from other humidors is our commitment to using high quality wood from responsibly managed forests. Not only are each of our humidors handcrafted in Europe using precision equipment, we are the only humidors designed for medicinal marijuana that manufacture our products using 100% solid wood. Our lumber is handpicked to ensure the highest possible quality.